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Bird Spikes

JK Net Screens is a leader in this field, and we also offer a wide range of additional services. All of our services are timely and cost-effective, as we guarantee. Our specialists can service any home or flat you live in because they have extensive experience. It is our obligation and responsibility to ensure that we put in place the necessary safeguards to ensure that your home is free of bird droppings in the future.

Aluminium alloy Bird spikes are a great method of bird proofing since they make surfaces difficult or unpleasant to land on, which discourages roosting. They consist of metal spikes that extend outward and upward and are typically formed from a plastic base. Bird spikes are fixed to a structure by adhesive, direct fixing with nails or screws, or a combination of these methods. There are many different sizes and intensities of bird and pigeon spikes available for various sorts of birds.

Birds can be effectively discouraged from perching on walls, ledges, rooftops, security cameras, and business signs by using bird spikes, which are commonly employed for this purpose. For the installation of stainless steel bird spikes in Thane and Mumbai, contact us.