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Pleated Mosquito Net

Pleated Mosquito Net is the most popular door and window bug defence solution. Zigzag mesh is fixed on an aluminium handle and is moved horizontally by tension cords in the device. The polyester zigzag mesh is resistant to water, dust, fading, and other environmental factors. We have tested our polyester zigzag plisse mesh 100,000 times. Due to the wheel-mounted control unit, the movement is highly smooth and the stacking space is extremely small. To provide stability against wind pressure, the tensioning strands are parallel and woven into zigzag mesh. For windy areas like big doors and balconies, use a pleated mosquito net.

Attractive Sliding Pleated nets for double cassette doors and balconies are available with retractable mosquito screen systems. These nets feature bigger gaps to let sunlight and fresh air in while yet keeping insects out.